Next Week for the Surfers


Next week, we will not have practices on Monday (Memorial Day) or Wednesday (pool in use).  


If you did not get timed yesterday, please make sure to come to practice Tuesday or Thursday so that coach can seed you properly.  Matt recorded all of yesterday's times and sent the email a little bit ago.  The stroke rules are on the SRSL web site.  If your child DQ'd and you do not know why, please contact Coach Heather.  The coaches will be working with your swimmers to reassess for upcoming meets.  Backstroke DQ's will still be swimming the event at the first meet.


We will have our shirts and caps at the Tuesday practice.  If you are interested in purchasing a tank, please contact Monica at [email protected]  If there is enough interest, we can put in another order.

Everyone did an excellent job at time trials.  Thank you team parents, stroke judges, announcers, coaches, and everyone else!! Also, a HUGE thank you to everyone who contributed to the building of the shed!  Go Surfers!!

-Catalina Flores-Rau

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