SW Surfers Volunteer Requirement and some new open jobs

Hello Parents! 

Thank you to all who have already volunteered and for all who have signed up to fill all the spots in our future meets. It takes a lot of volunteers to run a meet.

I have just added some new positions that we need to fill (things like Event Flipper, Set-up, and Clean-up). Please take a look at the JOB SIGN UPS by clicking on the Team Schedule. Or feel free to email me at 

[email protected]  

or call me at 281-217-8278 if you need some help in signing up.


The deadline for signing up was June 1 - but that has been extended to Noon Sunday, June 10. After that, you will be assessed a fine by the team of $75 per missed shift. (as outlined in the Team Handbook) A big Thank You here - most of our families have already signed up for at least 5 shifts and quite a few of you have signed up for MORE! THANK YOU! 

If the volunteer requirment causes your family a hardship just call me and we can work something out - there are many options! 

As a veteran of 20 years (oh my!) of Summer League swimming, I know it is a great family experience. I do want to help you enjoy it! 

Elizabeth Alexander

SW Surfers - DIrector of Volunteers

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