MOC, Surveys, and Slideshows, Oh My!


  • Thank you to all swimmers who are continuing on to the Meet of Champions!  Our Division placement relies on their performance and we cannot wait to see how we do!  I have attached the final list of entries that was submitted to the league.  
    • The tentative itinerary is attached.  10&U, please plan to be there by 6:30AM at the tents outside. For 11&U, please arrive by 1:30PM.  
    • There will be no starting blocks for the bulkhead (1st and 3rd swimmers in relays can dive off blocks).  
    • If you have not fulfilled your volunteer requirements or if you want to be an integral part of this fun meet, please be sure to sign up now!


  • Thank you to everyone who has voted for our favorite assistant coach!  The survey is open for just three more days, so be sure to let us know what you think - we actually have a tie right now!
  • For those who are no longer competing, we REALLY look forward to seeing you at the banquet! Please be sure to fill out our 2019 End of Season Survey to let us know what you think about our team, our schedule, and more.  


We hope to have trophies in the next day or so.  Please send me an email if you would like your trophy before Monday's practice and/or during Monday's practice.  Otherwise, we hope to hand out all trophies at the banquet - swing by around 6 PM if you cannot attend but would like to grab them.


  • This is our last call for photos from the season to be added to the slideshow. Please do so by the end of the day on Friday!  

Go Surfers and have a great Holiday Weekend!


Catalina Flores-Rau


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