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To complete a background check, please visit SHRSL's background screening site.

Continued existence and success of the swim team depends on the volunteer efforts of all the families involved, and your hard work is greatly appreciated! Surfer families are required to work 5 half meet shifts or 2 1/2 full meets. Every position on the volunteer schedule must be covered in order to run a successful meet.

Additional volunteers will be required for Meet of Champions and All Stars. If your child swims at these meets you will be required to work a shift.

Volunteer sign up will open online immediately after the Kick Off parent meeting (Age group parent and stroke judge recruitment will be ongoing until the slots are filled. Contact the volunteer coordinator if you prefer one of these volunteer commitments). Parents may choose the type of job they wish to hold and which meets they will work on a first-come first-served basis. 

Parents who do not sign up online  BY WEDNESDAY MAY 27  will be assigned a position. If you do not work your assigned shift, you will be fined $75 per shift. If you have some extenuating circumstance and cannot volunteer - contact the Volunteer Coordinator at [email protected] ASAP; we can work something out. The option to pay a qualified person to work the required shifts can be arranged if the volunteer coordinator is notified before the meet. 

Questions: Contact Elizabeth Alexander, 2020 Director of Volunteers: [email protected] or  (281)271-8278

Canceling a Volunteer Commitment

If you sign up to volunteer at a meet, but later learn you will not be able to fulfill your commitment, YOU are responsible for finding a replacement volunteer, and for letting the Volunteer Coordinator know of the change. You must notify the volunteer coordinator of the substitution NO LATER than 2:00 p.m. on the day of the meet. Please let her know who is taking your place.

In the event of an emergency please call the volunteer coordinator on her cell phone as soon as possible. Again this is ONLY in the event of an emergency that would not allow you to follow the guidelines above.

If you fail to comply with these guidelines, the penalties include the following:

 If you miss a volunteer commitment without notifying someone your child may be excluded from the next scheduled swim meet.

 If you miss a volunteer commitment your family will pay $75 for not fulfilling your volunteer commitment.

Volunteer Positions

Every family is asked to help. If you have a special circumstance - just let the Volunteer Coordinator know - we can work something out. A swim team depends on its parent volunteers but we truly believe it should be fun! The responsibilities of the meet volunteer positions are provided below:

 Runners: Excellent opportunity to get those steps in! Picks up timer slips and takes them to scorekeepers, ribbons, or data manager. There are two shifts and a shift lasts half of the meet. 

Ribbon Presenter: Just like being at the Grammy's or the Academy Awards! This parent awards ribbons at the conclusion of races. There are two shifts and a shift lasts half of the meet. 

 Timers: Put yourself right in the middle of the action! Using stopwatches; times swimmers during races. No experience necessary! We will train you! (Start:Stop:Reset!)  As long as you can push a button - you got this! There are two shifts and a shift lasts half of the meet. 

 Scribe/ Recorder: This one takes a bit more experience but the meet can't run without these very important parents! Stands next to the timers on the pool deck and records swimmer numbers and times provided by the timers; then gives the time slips for each race to the runners. There are 2 shifts; each shift lasts half the meet. 

Scorekeeper: Always wanting to know the score? or maybe you're just a top-notch accountant wanting to show off those skills! ! This spot is for you!  Sit in the middle of the action and add up the points during the meet. There are two shifts and a shift lasts half of the meet. 

 Stroke Judge: (see Dan Wagner, Director of Stroke Judges): Judge Swimmers' strokes during races by walking alongside swimmers and watching technique. If you desire to be a Stroke Judge you will be required to attend a Stroke Clinic for certification (clinics offered on multiple dates, every year is different). Clinics are very informative and any parent is qualified for this position if they attend the clinic. The initial clinic is approximately 90 minutes long; the refresher course is approximately 30 minutes long. This is a great position for teaching you the swimmers' strokes. 


 Age Group Team Parent (See Sasha Adams - Director of Age Group Parents): Big Plus for this one! Hang out with your kid! Supervises a category of swimmers (example 6U girls or 7/8 boys) in designated area and ushers them to and from pool for races. "Marks" arms for kids with the events they will swim for the meet. Ideally, two to three parents should share this job for the entire season.

 Deck Manager: readies each heat of swimmers and insures they proceed to the correct lane. Fills gaps in lanes to keep meet running as quickly as possible. Keeps unauthorized people off the deck. This position requires attendance at all home meets (three) for the entire duration of the meet.

Other non-meet related positions:

Contact the Volunteer Coordinator if you are interested in any of the following non-meet related, but season long, positions, most are filled prior to the beginning of practices: Announcer, Ribbon Coordinator, Fun Friday Coordinator, and Volunteer Coordinator.

Board of Directors: If you are interested in serving on the Board of Directors please let a current Board member know. The board meets about 4 times prior to swim season and weekly during the season. Attendance at all meets is required and serving in this position would exempt you from any meet volunteer requirements.

**Some parents like to work at every meet to help the time pass more quickly or for other reasons. Please let the volunteer coordinator know if you are one of these parents. Once all families have had an opportunity to sign up for their shifts you will be contacted to fill in gaps or to act as backup. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! 

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